Bing Maps Migrations

In the fall of 2010 Microsoft announced that it will be retiring Multimap and MapPoint Web Services at the end of November 2011. This means that all clients using these products will need to migrate onto another mapping platform before then. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your mapping application to use Bing Maps.

How will MapPoint & Multimap users benefit from the migration to Bing Maps?

Designed with you in mind, Bing Maps is a more visual experience that makes your location based tasks easier. You’ll still benefit from your favorite MapPoint & Multimap features, but you will also have access to Bing’s wider set of tools and features such as enhanced routing capabilities and a wider set of development platforms to choose from.

Why InKnowledge?

King of Bing Maps Image The InKnowledge team has over 10 years of combined experience working with Bing Maps. Richard Brundritt, also known as the King of Bing Maps is the cofounder of InKnowledge and has a been a Microsoft MVP for his contributions to the Bing Maps community for over 3 years. Richard was the main technical resource used when the MapPoint and Multimap migration documentation was created for Microsoft. All Bing Maps developer's at InKnowledge have gone through extensive training on Bing Maps with Richard.

To assist clients with their migrations to Bing Maps, InKnowledge created the Bing Maps Locator Wizard which enables not only corporations but individuals to create location based applications on Bing Maps in minutes.

Custom Solutions

FSA Boundarys With InKnowledge's extensive background in MapPoint, Multimap, and Bing Maps development we can create your custom solution with ease ensuring high quality work. Not only can we migrate your web application for you but we can also create mobile applications to help you target a greater number of users. Our team has extensive experience creating mobile mapping applications. In fact we created the Bing Maps Android SDK.

Enhanced Experiences

Not only can we migrate you to Bing Maps but we can also help to enhance the user experience of your application. We can do this not only cosmetically but by also drastically improving performance using best practices. We can also offer enhanced experiences in areas such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East and China.

Other mapping platforms

Not only can we migrate you from Multimap or MapPoint Web Services but we also have extensive experience migrating clients from Google Maps, Map Quest, Yahoo Maps, and ESRI ArcGIS.