Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator

Richard Brundritt, Cofounder of InKnowledge Ltd., designed and developed a taxi fare calculator application for Microsoft's King of Bing Maps contest in August 2010. The application was received with a great deal of interest, and publicity from within Microsoft circles, and the general public! Not only can this application be useful for locals, it would also be appreciated by out-of-town visitors who want to know what to expect when checking out a new city.

Taxi Fare Calculator

Taxi Fare Calculator Evolution

The taxi fare calculator started off as an application which would allow users to find the best route, and an approximate cab fare estimate for a taxi ride through the Bing Maps application portal. The publicity, and media coverage of the Taxi Fare Application lead InKnowledge to believe that investing in the application, and expanding its features, and services would be a wise investment. The Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator now has support for over 150 cities in 17 countries from around the world.

Taxi Fare Calculator updates, improvement plans, and high level road map

  • Advertising

    InKnowledge instantly recognized the value of introducing the ability for Taxi companies, and booking services to integrate their adverts into the application. If you would like to advertise with us, please use our contact form.

  • Direct Booking Integration

    InKnowledge are partnering with some taxi companies, and integrating the ability to book with our partner's firm directly from our application. Please get in touch with us at or use our contact form.

Experience the Taxi Fare Calculator

  • Navigate to Bing's Map Site
  • Map App buttonClick on the 'Map Apps' in order to open up the Bing Maps map apps panel
  • Locate, and click the 'Taxi Fare Calculator' button in order to bring up our app
  • Enjoy!