Taxi Fare REST Service

The InKnowledge Taxi Fare Calculator is a REST based web service that allows you to calculate taxi fares between locations in cities from all around the world. This same service is used to power the Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator. The Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator now has support for over 150 cities in 17 countries from around the world. The Bing Maps REST Services are used to perform geocoding of addresses and routing between locations. All service calls can be done by making a simple HTTP GET request.

General information on the supported method calls can be found by going to the service help page.

Web Services are self-contained, modular applications that can be described, published, located, and invoked over a network, generally, the Web. REST web services are generally lighter weight than SOAP based services which make them ideal for mobile and web applications.

A full development API is available to clients along with InKnowledge's professional services to help integrate this service into your application. One benefit of accessing this type of data through a web service is that you do not have to worry about maintaining and updating the data. It also minimizes the complexity of your application as you do not need to worry about how to store and calculate fares. InKnowledge works with taxi companies from around to world to ensure that the calculated fares are reasonably accurate.

Taxi Fare Service API documentation Taxi Fare REST Service API Documentation